Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology

About School

The Abra State Institute of Science and Technology is a public college in the Philippines. It is mandated to provide technological, professional, technical and vocational education. It is also mandated to inspire leadership in the field of agriculture, forestry, home technology, agricultural education and industry, through scientific research and extension. Its main campus is located in Lagangilang, Abra.

Our Values

VISION: A premier higher education institution in the Cordillera Administrative Region.

MISSION: The college shall primarily provide techonological, professional, technical education and shall inspire leadership in the field of agriculture, forestry, home technology, agricultural education and industry, through scienctific research and extension

List of Officials

Vice President for Administration and FinanceMr. Gregorio T. Turqueza Jr.
Vice President for Academic AffairsDr. Noel B. Begnalen
Executive Dean-Lagangilang CampusDr. Pablo B. Bose Jr.
Executive Dean-Bangued CampusProf. Leo T. Pasos
Acting College and Board SecretaryMrs. Patricia A. Benedito
Director, Research and DevelopmentProf. Vicente A. Ato
Director, Extension and TrainingDr. Gloria C. Banganan
Director, Planning and Project DevelopmentMr. Roger B. Barjo
Director, Production/IGPDr. Lorenzo B. Tuzon
Director, External and Public AffairsProf. Elizer Lazo
Director, Inoformation and PublicationDr. Elsa Bagioan
Director, SportsProf. Bernie dela Fuente
Director, Cultural AffairsProf. Margie Anicas
Director, Student ServicesDr. Leticia M. Benabese
Dean, Graduate SchoolDr. Joey dela Cruz
Dean, College of Teacher Education and Home Technology-Lagangilang CampusDr. Nilda A. Bautista
Dean, College of Teacher Education -Bangued CampusDr. Alexis A. Enriquez
Dean, College of Arts and SciencesDr. Mary Joan T. Guzman
Dean, College of Agriculture, Forestry and CooperativesDr. Eusebia R. Pagluanan
Dean, College of Engineering and Vocational and Industrial TechnologyEngr. Orlando A. Lomboy
Asst. Director- Research and DevelopmentProf. Raymond Vasquez
Asst. Director- ExtensionDr. Mario Buenafe
Asst. Director- Production/IGPProf. Noel A. Rosales
Chairman- TE and HT DepartmentDr. Mary Mel B. Lunes
Chairman- Teacher Education-Bangued CampusDr. Marian Loren B. Valera
Chairman- Laboratory High School -Lagangilang CampusProf. Naceli G. Bose
Chairman- Laboratory High School -Bangued CampusProf. Perfecto Paredes
Chairman- Mathematics and Natural Sciences-Lagangilang CampusProf. Estrelita M. Vasquez
Chairman- Information TechnologyProf. Christopher John R. Llanda
Chairman- Languages and Social Sciences -Lagangilang CampusProf. Rhea A. Quileza
Chairman- Languages and Social Sciences -Bangued CampusProf. Elizabeth Fetalvero
Chairman- Mathematics and Natural Sciences -Bangued CampusProf. Annaliza Dayag
Chairman- Agriculture and CooperativesDr. Mercy G. Palangdao
Chairman- ForestryProf. Renato Folledo
Chairman- EngineeringEngr. Byron John Viloria
Chairman- VITProf. Edgardo T. Tugadi
NSTP Coordinator-Lagangilang CampusProf. Nero Paredes
NSTP Coordinator-Bangued CampusProf. Juanita Cadiz
Chief Security Officer-Lagangilang CampusDr. Aurelio V. Labanen
Campus Security Coordinator-Bangued CampusProf. Glen Buenafe
HRMO-Bangued CampusDr. Maria Maribel B. Miguel
IT Officer -Lagangilang CampusProf. Excel Philip B. Guidang
IT Officer -Bangued CampusProf. Ryan Jun Manasan
PPBM Officer-Lagangilang CampusEngr. Eucensio Carbonilla
PPBM Officer-Bangued CampusProf. Felicisimo Barbosa
Motorpool Officer-Lagangilang CampusMr. Leo Castaneda
Motorpool Officer-Bangued CampusProf. Elpidio Tubana
General Services OfficerProf. Antolin Beltran
GAD Focal PersonProf. Rhea A. Quileza

Accountability Report Cards

List of Fees

Particulars Undergraduate
Tuition Fee 100
Registration 75
Late Registration 200
Library Fee 100
Medical and Dental Fee 100
Computer Fee 300
Laboratory Fee
Major (Sciences and Home Technology) 200/ Subject
Agriculture and Forestry 150/ Subject
Minor (Sciences and Home Technology) 100/ Subject
Agriculture and Forestry 100/ Subject
Socio Cultural Fee 60
Internet Fee (E-library) 250
Entrance Fee (For new transferee only) 60
Affiliation Fee 600
Practice Fee /FLEF 500
Guidance Fee /FLEF 40
Athletic Fee 75
School Paper 75
ID Card 100
Miscellaneous Fee 40
Library ID (for new/transferee only) 40
Insurance (for the first semester only) 15
Student Development Fund 200/Semester