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Many had already been accomplished, but it seems these accomplishments are not yet enough for the Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology or ASIST. And due to this, let us recognize the vast responsibilities and challenges as well as the pressures that we have to face and hurdle.

To overcome the pressures, we have to exert full effort to be able to attain the new objectives as well as to be able to sustain the on-going projects and programs of the ASIST.

All the efforts and activities will be aligned with my vision for the institution, that is: “a transformed state educational institution of higher learning that promotes sustainable development, educational excellence, human discipline, and ecological balance.” And we will be guided with the core values which can be represented through the acronym “CHAMPION” – Commitment, Humility, Accountability, Moderation, Prudence, Integrity, Obedience, Nationalism.

As such, we shall have five development goals: 1) to produce transformational leaders who are locally and globally competitive; 2) to develop/generate new knowledge and verify client-oriented technologies and other solutions to local and national development problems; 3) to disseminate and showcase client-responsive technologies and other solutions to development problems; 4) to develop ASIST as an eco-agri-tourism destination and operate viable income generating projects (IGPs) to augment the finances of the institution; 5) to realize ASIST as a dynamic and responsive-learning and performing organization efficiently and effectively managing its resources.

To realize this goals, we shall be guided by major thrusts which can be summarized through the acronym: TRANSFORM: Transformational leadership in governance and management performance; Relevance and quality of academic programs; Aggressive faculty and staff development and welfare programs; Natural environment and climate change programs; Sustainable community service programs; Free enterprise and gainful resource generation endeavours; Optimum utilization of human and physical resources programs; Research capability and output programs; Massive infrastructure development projects and programs. These programs are very necessary if we want to improve the pace of our development as a holistic institution as we travel towards our dream of university-hood.

Nevertheless, we admit and we should be amenable that the administration, faculty, staff and studentry cannot do all these things alone, we need the assistance of the other stakeholders of this institution.

Let’s look ahead to a fruitful and productive ASIST. Thank you!

Dr. Gregorio T. Turqueza Jr.