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To mitigate the impact of COVID-19, the Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology (ASIST) Main and Bangued Campus have adopted a pro-active way. Classes in all levels were suspended from March 16- April 13, 2020 or until such time the Enhanced Community Quarantine in Luzon will be lifted (CSC Announcement No. 13, s 2020).

With ASIST implementation of the pro-active mitigation, the administration ordered the students to go home for their safety and protection. Administrators, faculty and support staff follow an alternative work arrangement for the given period of the quarantine. Unit heads and college deans have assigned target outputs to be done at home by their respective faculty and staff. Outputs will be submitted when they will come back for work or upon due notice. Priority targets are those related to Accreditation, ISA and ISO.

However, the Security Force, IGP and Extension, Ground Services were required to provide a skeletal force to serve stakeholders. Finance personnel reported to attend to the employees. School nurses, in both campuses, were obliged to report daily to respond to arising health needs and provide continuous updates on COVID-19 which are published in ASIST Website, to reach out to the community.

Every individual is directed to follow the advisories from our Government officials, Health workers and the Church. In these crucial times, let us help one another in any possible way we can do and relentlessly pray that God with the intercession of Mother Mary, will deliver all of us from this dreaded disease through His Power, Love and Mercy. [Dr.Elsa D. Bagioan]