List of Officials

Dr. Gregorio T. Turqueza Jr.
Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Noel B. Begnalen 09177945744
Executive Dean-Lagangilang Campus Dr. Alfredo B. Edwin  09064785201
Executive Dean-Bangued Campus Prof. Leo T. Pasos  
Acting Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Roger B. Bajo  09068308378
Director, Research and Development Dr. Pablo B. Bose Jr.  09178934647
Director, Extension and Training Dr. Zarina Marianette B. Orejudos  09567856115
Director, Planning and Project Development Ms. Patricia A. Benedito  
Director, Production/IGP Prof. Bernie T. Dela Fuente  09276688132
Director, External and Public Affairs Prof. Lydiason O. Belisario  
Director, Information and Publication Dr. Elsa D. Bagioan  09366721777
Director, Quality Assurance Management System Prof. Milandro B. Edwin  09166230718
Director, Sports Prof. Aristotle B. Berzola  
Director, Cultural Affairs Prof. Charlie Vitalis  
Director, Student Services Dr. Leticia M. Benabese  
Dean, Graduate School Dr. Joey M. Dela Cruz  09175552629
Dean, College of Teacher Education and Home Technology-Lagangilang Campus Dr. Nilda A. Bautista  09276965850
Dean, College of Teacher Education -Bangued Campus Dr. Alexis A. Enriquez  
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Mary Joan T. Guzman  09264051006
Dean, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Cooperatives Dr. Eusebia R. Pagluanan  09951184429
Dean, College of Engineering and Vocational and Industrial Technology Engr. Orlando A. Lomboy  
Asst. Director, Quality Assurance Management Prof. Margie Anicas  
Asst. Director, Research and Development Prof. Raymond Vasquez  
Asst. Director, Extension Dr. Mario Buenafe  
Asst. Director, Production/IGP Prof. Leandro S. Alejandre  
Asst. Sports Director Prof. Ferdinand Pias  
Asst. Director, Cultural Affairs Prof. Sammy B. Viste  09161466300
Chairman, Teacher Education - Lagangilang Campus Dr. Ma. Rita V. Flores  09176580454
Chairman, Home Technology - Lagangilang Campus Prof. Gemma P. Gonzalo  09755433043
Chairman, Teacher Education-Bangued Campus Dr. Marian Loren B. Valera  
Chairman, Laboratory High School -Lagangilang Campus Prof. Naceli G. Bose  09353215919
Chairman, Laboratory High School -Bangued Campus Prof. Perfecto Paredes  
Chairman, Mathematics and Natural Sciences-Lagangilang Campus Prof. Estrelita M. Vasquez  09167668928
Chairman, Information Technology Prof. Christopher John R. Llanda  09067844957
Chairman, Languages and Social Sciences -Lagangilang Campus Prof. Rhea A. Quileza  09064579447
Chairman, Languages and Social Sciences -Bangued Campus Prof. Elizabeth Fetalvero  
Chairman, Mathematics and Natural Sciences -Bangued Campus Prof. Annaliza Dayag  
Chairman, Agriculture and Cooperatives Dr. Mercy G. Palangdao  09269101454
Chairman, Forestry Prof. Carlito Daodaoen  09972640330
Chairman, Engineering Engr. Guilermo P. Labios Jr.  
Chairman- VIT Prof. Judith A. Casabar  
NSTP Coordinator-Lagangilang Campus Dr. Andres De. Jesus  
NSTP Coordinator-Bangued Campus Prof. Marcelo Michael M. Meresen  
Chief Security Officer Mr. Joey Del Rosario  09368180976
Campus Security Coordinator-Bangued Campus Prof. Glenn G. Buenafe  
Information Management System -Lagangilang Campus Prof. Janelyn A. Talingdan  09262574056
Information Management System -Bangued Campus Dr. Gloria Q. Co Kue  
PPBMO Officer-Lagangilang Campus Engr. Eucencio Carbonilla  
PPBMO Officer-Bangued Campus Prof. Byron John B. Viloria  
Motorpool Officer-Lagangilang Campus Dr. Lorenzo B. Tuzon  09066695395
Motorpool Officer-Bangued Campus Prof. Noel B. Ardaniel  
General Services Officer Prof. Guitolio P. Batoon Jr.  
GAD Focal Person Prof. Hazel Bersamira