About School

The Abra State Institute of Science and Technology is a public college in the Philippines. It is mandated to provide technological, professional, technical and vocational education. It is also mandated to inspire leadership in the field of agriculture, forestry, home technology, agricultural education and industry, through scientific research and extension. Its main campus is located in Lagangilang, Abra.

Our Values


A university that produces quality graduates who are academically competitive, locally responsive and globally sustained.


We are committed to be agents in the development of Abra through enhanced instruction, creative and innovative researches and projects for public and community services towards globally competitive professionals who contribute to the realization of a nation that enjoys strongly rooted, comfortable and secure life.


1.To produce quality graduates who are locally and globally competitive.

2. To develop/generate new knowledge and verify client - oriented technologies and other solutions to development problems.

3. To disseminate and showcase client-responsive technologies and other solutions to development problems toward an improved welfare of local communities.

4. To engage in viable income generating projects (IGP) to augment the finances of the college.

5. To realize ASIST as a dynamic and responsive, learning and performing organization efficiently and effectively managing its resources.

Quality Policy

Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology commits a continual improvement of its system and process to ensure effective and efficient delivery of its services towards sustained clientele satisfaction.