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Inclusive education ensures that all children have an equal opportunity to attend school, learn, and develop the skills they require to flourish. It entails placing all pupils in the same classrooms and schools. It means meaningful learning chances for traditionally excluded populations, such as children with disabilities and speakers of minority languages.

The College of Teacher Education students, approximately 308, and a hundred faculty and staff participated in the first International Webinar of Inclusive Education Classes with the theme, Experiential Learnings in Inclusive Education: Trends for the Prospect Resilient Educators, last June 22, 2023.  The said webinar was initiated by Dr. Alexis A. Enriquez, Deputy Research Director on Creative Works. Further, this aimed to shed light on students with various needs in classroom situations; be aware of the students/pupils with disabilities and strategize to mainstream them; listen comprehensively to the sharing of the speakers and decipher innovations to promote respect, love, and compassion for the needy students; create reflections on one’s life and other related outputs; and evaluate the webinar as a better source of instructional enhancement for classroom interactions.

Reputable lecturers and speakers discuss their personal experiences working with students with disabilities during the aforementioned webinar. The first speaker, Dr. Iqra Ikra, a PhD in Education from Lahore College for Women University, Lahore, Pakistan discussed Inclusive Education and Its Best Practices in Pakistan. It was followed by Prof. Almira Keumala Ulfah, a master’s degree holder and lecturer at the State Islamic Religious Institute Indonesia shared the topic, Overview of Inclusive Education in Indonesia. The Inclusive Education in South Africa was explained by Dr. Rita Biswas, a Ph.D. in Management & Commerce (Entrepreneurship), mental health professional lecturer, and senior facilitator with Regenesys Business School, South Africa. Meanwhile, The Best Practices of Treating Children with Disabilities: The Nigerian Way was disseminated by Prof. Anselm Ikenna Odo, a lecturer at the Department of Philosophy, Good Shepherd Seminary, Kaduna State, Nigeria. Lastly, Mr. Edgar Arizabal II who is presently taking his Master’s Degree in Special Education at the Philippine Normal University elucidated his journey with pupils with disabilities.

Indeed, this webinar was a success and a good start on the roadmap to universityhood, making each student and future educator globally competitive. Source: Irene Claire P. Herida & Dr. Alexis A. Enriquez, CTE

The distinguished speakers and lecturers share their first-hand experiences in handling pupils with disabilities during the International Webinar of Inclusive Education Classes with the title, Experiential Learnings in Inclusive Education: Trends for the Prospect Resilient Educators.

Inclusive Education classes with their teachers.

Mr. Edgar “Radge” Arizabal II expounds on his topic as the faculty and students were captivated by his awesome hands-on experiences with special individuals.

Dr Rita Biswas from India tackles her topic on Inclusive Education in South Africa

Dr. Leo T. Pasos, the Executive Dean of Bangued Campus ensures his support to all departmental endeavors as this conference ignites a lot of opportunities and explorations of future teachers.