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December 15, 2023 - The University of Abra recently held the prestigious Balligi 2023 Awards, recognizing outstanding individuals and achievements in the pursuit of institutional internationalization and global competitiveness. The event was themed "UA/ASIST Globalization: Raising Targets to Institutional Internationalization and Global Competitiveness."

The ceremony was graced by esteemed guests of honor, Hon. Menchie "Ching" B. Bernos, Congresswoman of the Lone District of Abra, and Hon. Joseph Sto. Niño "JB" B. Bernos, LMP National President and Founder of the University of Abra. A mass was held before the opening program.

The Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Elizier B. Lazo, delivered a heartfelt message to his fellow employees of the University of Abra during the opening remarks.

The event showcased the talent and collaboration of teachers and students, who performed a graceful dance for their intermission number.

The dedication and loyalty of long-serving employees were also acknowledged during the ceremony. Ms. Ramelda B. Begnalen, HRMO-III of the Lagangilang Campus,

presented loyalty awards to several faculty and employees who have served the institution for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years.

The highlight of the morning was the recognition of outstanding faculty members. "Distinguished Faculty Researcher of the Year" was awarded to Ms. Rhea A. Queza and Mr. Dylan Edward S. Raranga. Additionally, Ms. Maria S. Turqueza and Mr. Cedar B. Rigor were honored with the "Distinguished Faculty Extensionist of the Year" award. The "Distinguished Faculty of the Year" award were bestowed upon Ms. Talugay G. Patagao and Ms. Mylene E. Barzuela.

The event also featured captivating performances by students and teachers from the Bangued, Lagangilang and La Paz campuses. Their intermission numbers, including the traditional Philippine dance called sakuting, added vibrancy and cultural richness all throughout the program.

The Balligi 2023 Awards were not only a celebration of achievements but also an opportunity for employees to try their luck in the raffle draw, with exciting prizes such as appliances up for grabs as "Pamaskong Handog" ni Cong. Menchie Bernos and Congmayor JB Bernos.

The University of Abra continues to strive for excellence in education and global competitiveness, as evidenced by the success of the Balligi 2023 Awards. Congratulations to all the awardees and the University of Abra for their commitment to raising targets and fostering institutional internationalization. Source: University of Abra - Technocrat Office


 Mr. Elizier B. Lazo, Chief Administrative Officer delivered his message to his fellow employees.

 Dance number by the Faculty and Students of UA Bangued, Campus.

 Mr. Dylan Edward S. Raranga received his Distinguished Faculty Researcher of the Year Award.

Ms. Mylene E. Barzuela received her Distinguished Faculty of the Year Award.