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On February 24, 2024,a fruitful tree planting activity unfolded at the ASIST Forestry Ground, spearheaded by the Department of Science and Technology - Philippine Textile Research Institute (DOST-PTRI) and generously supported by ASIST President Dr. Gregorio T. Turqueza Jr. The initiative was carried out under the watchful guidance of Dr. Pablo B. Bose Jr., the Director for Research and Development, and Dr. Nero M. Paderes, the Deputy Director for Research and Development.

The event was marked by the enthusiastic participation of DOST-PTRI and ASIST Forestry and Research and Development staff members, uniting in a collective effort to contribute to environmental sustainability. A variety of tree species, including Talisay, Duhat, and Tamarind seedlings, were meticulously planted, symbolizing the commitment to fostering a greener and healthier environment.

Under the benevolent hands of the ASIST President and the dedicated leadership of the research and development directors, the tree planting activity not only served as a practical manifestation of environmental stewardship but also exemplified the collaborative spirit between institutions. As each seedling found its new home in the fertile grounds of ASIST Forestry, it bore witness to the shared responsibility undertaken by DOST-PTRI and ASIST in nurturing and preserving the beauty of nature.

The success of this tree planting endeavor resonates not just in the roots of the newly planted trees but also in the hearts of those who took part. It stands as a testament to the power of collective action in addressing environmental challenges and fostering a sustainable future. Source: University of Abra Research and Development Department Main Campus