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In a momentous occasion held on 26th day of February 2024 marked by collaboration and shared commitment to environmental sustainability, the Turn-over Ceremony of materials for the upcoming Natural Dyes Hub Center took place at the ASIST Main Campus Grounds. The ceremony, spearheaded by the DOST-PTRI Natural Dyes Extraction and Tiles Application Team, was a manifestation of a joint initiative to establish a hub that promotes the utilization of natural dyes in various applications.

The distinguished participants of the ceremony included Ms. Kimberly P. Viron, the head of the DOST-PTRI Natural Dyes Extraction and Tiles Application Team, who played a pivotal role in the project. Her expertise and dedication were evident as she led the team in pioneering research and development efforts aimed at harnessing the potential of natural dyes.

The ASIST community was well-represented by Mr. Carlito Daodaoen Jr., the Forestry Chairman, along with faculty members and staff from the Research and Development Department. Their presence underscored the institution's commitment to fostering collaboration with organizations like DOST-PTRI for the advancement of sustainable practices.

A warm welcome was extended to the DOST-PTRI team by ASIST President, Dr. Gregorio T. Turqueza Jr., who expressed gratitude for the valuable materials contributed to the Natural Dyes Hub Center. Dr. Turqueza's support reflected the institution's dedication to embracing innovative projects that align with environmental consciousness.
The driving force behind this collaboration was the guidance of Dr. Pablo B. Bose Jr., the Director of Research and Development at ASIST, and Dr. Nero M. Paderes, the Deputy Director of Research and Development. Their vision and leadership paved the way for the realization of the Natural Dyes Hub Center, emphasizing the significance of sustainable practices in research and development initiatives.

The turn-over ceremony symbolized more than the exchange of materials; it represented a shared commitment to sustainable practices, innovation, and the integration of natural dyes into various applications. The collaborative efforts between DOST-PTRI and ASIST showcased the potential for research to create a positive impact on environmental conservation and sustainable development.

As the ceremony concluded, the anticipation for the development of the Natural Dyes Hub Center grew. The ASIST community, alongside the DOST-PTRI team, looked forward to the transformative journey that lay ahead, fostering a greener and more sustainable future through the utilization of natural dyes. Source: University of Abra Research and Development Department Main Campus