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The College of Teacher Education conducted a seminar-workshop with the theme, "Navigating the Landscape of 21st Century Teaching ad Learning: Pre-Service Teachers' Seminar Workshop", among 260 teacher interns held at the New IT Building. Its main purpose is to remind them of the necessary values, knowledge and skills as they embark on the last phase of their journey as pre-service teachers, their internship.

Resource speakers from the Department of Education Division were invited talk about innovations and other updates in basic education. Ms. Hedwig M. Belmes, CID Chief, discussed the Trends and Innovations in Curriculum Instruction. She said that these were the newest updates in the DepEd. On the other hand, Dr. Ronald T. Marquez, SGOD Chief, discussed his insights about teachers in the 21st century. He also provided the interns some tips on what they will expect when they plan to enter the DepEd. Dr. Marian Loren B. Valera, the College Dean, practically discussed the Code of Ethics for teachers including the basic values that a teacher as a person and as a professional should always possess.

Earlier, in a short opening program, the College President, Dr. Gregorio T. Turqueza, Jr. delivered his message to the participants highlighting the College's vision and mission which is to create academically competitive, locally responsive and globally sustained graduates. Moreover, Mr. Robinson Q. Fabito, OSAS Coordinator, inspired the participants through his encouragement in embracing the challenges in their chosen field.

The seminar-workshop was completed through an interview simulation where the interns played as teacher applicants in different schools. Senior faculty in the CTE served as interviewees and mentors. They are the following: Dr. Alexis Enriquez, Dr. Dionisio Visco, Dr. Calixto Valera, Dr. Michelle Alzate, Dr. Geneva Pablo, and Dr. Lenaida Cadiz. After the simulations, the interviewees processed the activity among the participants by giving their insights on how to improve more. The closing program immediately followed which included several interesting impressions from the participants.

The whole day was full of learnings, not to mention a very successful one. This was facilitated by the equally supportive and active Supervising Instructors: Mr. Charlie Vitalis, Mr. Ramir Bañez, Mrs. Lydiason Belisario, Mr Dexter Ulidan and Ms. Ann Creia Tupasi. Source: University of Abra - College of Teacher Education Bangued Campus