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In a significant move to enhance the bamboo industry, the Research and Development Office of ASIST, under the Regional Bamboo Development Program, has initiated the planting of bamboo propagules. This effort aims to expand the production area for raw materials essential to the Bamboo Fiber Textile Innovation Hub, ensuring the sustainability of key projects designed to uplift the bamboo industry in the province.

The planting activity was spearheaded by Dr. Gregorio T. Turqueza Jr., President and Project Leader, alongside Dr. Pablo B. Bose Jr., R&D Director, and Dr. Nero M. Paderes, R&D Deputy Director. They were supported by the dedicated R&D and Bamboo Project Staff of ASIST.

"The expansion of bamboo production areas is a critical step towards the development of a robust bamboo fiber textile sector," stated Dr. Turqueza. "Our goal is to create a sustainable supply chain that will benefit local communities and stimulate economic growth."

Dr. Bose emphasized the importance of this initiative for future projects. "By securing a steady supply of raw materials, we can ensure the continuous development of innovative bamboo products. This will not only strengthen the local industry but also position our province as a leader in bamboo research and innovation."

Dr. Paderes highlighted the collaborative efforts involved. "This project showcases the collective expertise and commitment of our R&D team and partners. Together, we are paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous bamboo industry."

The planting activity marks a significant milestone in the Regional Bamboo Development Program, aligning with the broader objectives of sustainable development and economic upliftment. The initiative reflects ASIST's commitment to harnessing local resources and expertise to drive innovation and industry growth.

The local community has shown enthusiastic support for the program, recognizing its potential to provide economic opportunities and enhance environmental sustainability. Moving forward, ASIST plans to continue its efforts in research, development, and community engagement to fully realize the benefits of the bamboo industry for the province. Source: University of Abra Research and Development Department Main Campus