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Realizing its commitment to continuously expand its reach globally, the Abra State Institute of Science and Technology (ASIST) participates in the first-ever masterclass exclusive for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) of the Cordillera Administrative Region titled, "?????: ???????? ??????? ?? ????????? ????????????? ??????????" presented by the Commission on Higher Education International Affairs Staff (CHED-IAS) and the Commission on Higher Education CAR (CHED-CAR) through the Academy for Higher Education Faculty Members' Advancement and Development.
The event intends to establish collaboration with the various HEIs in CAR in highlighting their individuality and contributions to the region, the country, and the world and increase their recognition and strengthen their worldwide reputation through international university ranking standards and criteria such as the QS Ranking, Times Ranking and WURI Ranking. This masterclass is a first in the Philippines where a regional approach on internationalization initiatives was conducted.
Participants of this year’s FLAIR will be under Kuminwani Class 2022. In Ifugao, the term "?????????" is used to describe someone who is exceptionally skilled, chosen, correct, or well-prepared.
ASIST Delegates headed by the President, Dr. Gregorio T. Turqueza Jr., Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Noel B. Begnalen, International Affairs Director, Ms. Patricia A. Benedito, Curriculum and Instructional Materials Development Director, Dr. Maria Rebecca B. Talledo, Quality Assurance Management System Director, Prof. Christopher John R. Llanda, Graduate School Associate Dean, Prof. Raymond Vasquez, and College of Teacher Education Faculty and Senior Researcher, Dr. Alexis Enriquez attend the 3-day masterclass from June 28, 2022 to June 30, 2022 at the Paragon Hotel and Suite, Baguio City. Source: Technocrat Office