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Geared towards providing alternative skills to improve life conditions through livelihood training, the Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology College of Engineering and Vocational and Industrial Technology (CEVIT) headed by CEVIT Dean, Engr. Orlando A. Lomboy and VIT Chairperson, Prof. Judith A. Casabar together with the VIT faculty, conducted its one-day electrical wiring installation basic course training in Barangay Quillat, Langiden, Abra on July 3, 2022.
In response to the growing number of youths who have left school for a variety of reasons linked to poverty, the training aims to provide knowledge and skills to out-of-school youth aged between 18 to 24 as additional competency through providing them technical education that will eventually capacitate them to land a job or establish their own trade. Such endeavor is aligned with the goal of ASIST to make a change in the lives of people, especially youngsters, who are part of the vicious cycle of poverty. Despite of lacking basic technical education, ASIST is determined to equip the underprivileged young ones with technical skills combined with life skills to develop their sense of responsibility and foster a positive outlook in life making them contributing members of society. A total of 50 residents of Brgy. Quillat participated on the said basic course. Source: Technocrat Office