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The economic struggles of the Abrenios highlight an urgent need for alternative income sources. In response to this challenge, a groundbreaking project on oyster mushroom farming emerged in the Province of Abra, addressing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on poverty alleviation and decent work and economic growth.

This effort, is led by the Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology (ASIST), aims to not only provide an alternative livelihood but also contribute significantly to human nutrition.

Partnering with the Department of Science and Technology, ASIST extends the technology promotion of oyster mushroom production to twenty farmer associations in Abra. This initiative empowers the Abrenios to cultivate oyster mushrooms in their backyards, not just for sustenance but also for a promising income stream. The resilient spirit of Abrenios, coupled with the technological assistance of ASIST, is fostering a future where fungi play a pivotal role in reshaping livelihoods. Source: Kae Ann Marie P. Balingit, CAFC

Beneficiaries receives Oyster Mushroom fruiting bags as startup of the livelihood project.

The ASIST Research and Development Department ensures the technology through linkages and networks with various institutions and agencies.

The project’s IEC materials also undergoes review by the Mr. Constante Briones of the Philippine Rice Research Institute, Nueva Ecija

The beneficiaries participates an intensive training on the Essentials of Oyster Mushroom Production

The project management team conducts series of monitoring of activities to ensure the sustainability of the project.