Faculty Profile

Dr. Marian Loren B. Valera Associate Professor II / College Dean

Department of Teacher Education

Courses Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED)
Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED)      
* Major in English
* Major in Filipino
* Major in Mathematics
* Major in Science
Bachelor in Technology and Livelihood Education (BTLED)
* Major in Industrial Arts
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (BCED)
Bachelor of Technical Vocational Teacher Education (BTVTED)
* Major in Food and Service Management
* Major in Electronics
* Major in Garments and Fashion Design
Dr. Lemyrose B. Balmaceda Associate Professor IV / Chairperson
Jaremiah B. Alconis Instructor I
Dr. Michelle Melinda B. Alzate Assistant Professor IV /President Faculty Association
Ramir S. Banez Instructor I
Lydiason O. Belisario Assistant Professor II / Director External Affairs
Dr. Mario B. Buenafe Associate Professor I
Dr. Alexis A. Enriquez Associate Professor IV
Lei Xandra Mei B. Pabico Instructor I
Dr. Geneva N. Pablo Associate Professor I
Ann Creia P. Tupasi Instructor I
Dexter Ulidan Instructor I
Dr. Calixto L. Valera Associate Professor III
Dr. Dionisio A. Visco Associate Professor V
Charlie A. Vitalis Director Cultural Affairs

Department of Laboratory High School

Offerings Junior High School
Senior High School
* Humanities and Social Science (HUMS)
* General Academic Strand (GAS)
* Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
* Technical-Vocational-Livelihood (Automotive, Beauty Health Care, Civiltech, Culinary, Electronics, Electricity, Fashion and Apparel)
Dr. Maria Cristilyn A. Martinez Assistant Professor I / Chairperson
Cathlene Dianne Tejones Instructor I
Valeria Jimalai A. Turqueza Instructor I
Jessalee Raika D. Dait Instructor I
Marlon S. Sequerra Instructor I
Rona B. Asuncion Instructor I
Marjorie B. Viste Instructor III
Ariel M. Blaya Instructor I
Irene Claire P. Herida Instructor I
Novelyn B. Valera Instructor I
Von Ameri J. Escobar Instructor I
John Patrick L. Arconado Instructor I
July-Ann Rose B. Balbuena Instructor I
Kathryn Kate B. Beronilla Instructor I
Melody T. Vasquez Instructor I
Gee-Ann V. Valdez Instructor I
Vicente Neil B. Pacis III Instructor I
Christopher B. Pilotin Instructor I
Christelle B. Rosales Instructor I
Mary Joy M. Corpuz Instructor I
Emalyn T. Cortez Instructor I
Racky Raven A. Birginias Instructor I
Corazon G. Blanes Instructor I
Annie A. Escobar Instructor I
Minerva B. Sequerra Instructor I
Marjorie Valeine A. Daria Guidance Counselor III