Faculty Profile

Dr. Joey M. Dela Cruz Associate Professor V / Dean
Dr. Elizabeth C. Fetalvero Assistant Professor III
Dr. Annaliza J. Dayag Assistant Professor III
Dr. Maria Cristilyn A. Martinez Assistant Professor I
Dr. Dylan Edward R. Raranga Instructor I
Dr. Lemyrose B. Balmaceda  Associate Professor IV
Dr. Marian Loren B. Valera Associate Professor II
Perfecto M. Paredes Assistant Professor III
Genelyn B. Viloria Assistant Professor III
Mylene E. Barzuela Assistant Professor II
Reymond S. Vasquez Associate Professor II
Dr. Noel B. Begnalen Professor VI
Dr. Mary Joan T. Guzman Professor VI
Dr. Ma. Digna T. Bose Associate Professor V
Dr. Maria Rita V. Flores Associate Professor III
Talugay G. Patagao Assistant Professor II
Dr. Jubert S. Gannapao Assistant Professor III
Dr. Pablo B. Bose Jr. Professor VI
Dr. Mae Amalia B. Pilarta Associate Professor III
Dr. Maria Rebecca B. Talledo Assistant Professor I
Dr. Franxes Ghia U. Tordil  Assistant Professor III
Dr. Excelp Philip B. Guidang Associate Professor II 
Dr. Christopher John R. Llanda Assistant Professor IV
Maria Nacelli G. Bose Associate Professor V
Michael Vene S. Abalos Assistant Professor I



 To provide relevant advanced education on the varied disciplines and to enrich the curriculum through research and extension activities.


  1.  To provide opportunities for professionals in academic, both private and public , as well as in other fields to pursue advanced relevant and excellent studies at affordable cost;
  2.  To equip the graduate students with knowledge and skills in modern Science, Mathematics , Language education and Agriculture;
  3.  To provide the graduate students with opportunities to articulate their appreciation, critical , analytic and evaluative responses to literacy masterpieces, and afford them avenues for creative thinking, writing, and oral communication; 
  4.  To provide sufficient exposure to graduate students thus enabling them to relate academics to their field of specialization;
  5.  To provide a research climate for graduate students to explore topics for researches towards building and transforming communities and society; and
  6.  To contribute to the manpower development program of the province particularly in the training of level managers as well as specialists in Science, Technologies, Mathematics , Languages and Agriculture .