Faculty Profile

Dr. Jubert S. Gannapao Assistant Professor III / College Dean

Department of Agriculture

Courses Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness
Bachelor in Cooperative Management
Bachelor in Agricultural Technology
* Major in Crop Production
* Major in Animal Production
* Major in Farm Mechanization
Stephen B. Tadeo Instructor I / Chairperson
Gerardo A. Agunat Instructor I
Kae Ann Marie P. Balingit Instructor I / College Secretary
Alex T. Biscarra Assistant Professor III
Irish Wilson M. Bitao Instructor I / Extension Coordinator
Herlyn M. Bunuan Instructor I / Research Coordinator
Aurora F. Calvero Instructor I
Jane S. Galiday Instructor I
Faidjie Ann N. Pacardo Instructor I
Rayvin G. Sarenas Instructor I
Dina B. Tadeo Instructor I
Talugay Patagao Assistant Professor I
Maria S. Turqueza Instructor II

Department of Forestry

Courses Bachelor of Science in Forestry
Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry
For. Carlito M. Daodaoen Jr. Instructor I / Chairperson
For. Vicente A. Ato Associate Professor II
For. Reynald T. Islao Instructor I
For. Nover M. Matso Instructor I / Research Coordinator
For. Demetrio B. Millare Professor II / Extension Coordinator